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Premier Boudoir Photography Studio

All female team based near Canterbury in Kent.

Boudoir Photography is all about empowering women and allowing them to feel comfortable in their own skin. Removing the negativity we feel about our bodies and giving us the opportunity to feel free, uplifted and liberated in being who we are!

I want to do this!
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Meet Alison – The Photographer at Red Bow 

I am a Wife, Mother and have 2 crazy Labradors and a Yorkshire Terrier.

I have a passion for photography and love that I can photograph beautiful ladies every day. As a Breast Cancer survivor I have chosen to do every day what I love. I have been through those awful times of low self esteem, feeling ugly and worthless but now I want to give every woman the chance to feel beautiful by giving them the most amazing makeover and photo session that they will ever experience.

My mission is to help empower every woman that walks through my studio doors and show them through the art of photography what a damn sexy, gorgeous woman they are!

I cant wait to hear from you.

All My Love

Alison XXX

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Thank you’s

“Well I’ve just got home from my third Red Bow shoot. I didn’t think this could beat the others but I was SOOOOO wrong! Every time is better than the last & different in many ways!! Alison & Juliette I cant thank you enough, you are two of the most amazing women on the planet, you make women like me look hot!! ”

Samantha Richards

The ladies at Red Bow are the very best at what they do. Second time in the studio and although I was nervous, I was soon put at ease! I’ve had my mind blown by the images and never thought I could look so amazing. Beautiful, timeless photos that have boosted my confidence and self esteem. Thank you Alison and Juliette! xx

Kelly Tobin

I knew I wanted to do a shoot but I didn’t quite know what to expect. From the initial booking, I was made to feel so special. I’ve never had such a lovely welcome pack for anything! This, and the follow up care, including the Facebook group, just proves that Alison cares. Yeah, it’s a nice bit of marketing too but the feeling of being treated like you’re special lasts from start to finish and more importantly, is genuine. Julliette is an absolute miracle maker and just as personable, friendly and warm as Alison. I’ve never had my hair or make up done professionally and never had false lashes! But Julliette was so lovely, she made me look incredible and I’ve never loved my hair as much as I did once she had finished with it. She listened to the kind of thing I liked and explained why certain things do/don’t work. She instilled such confidence. Alison and Julliette made me feel so welcome from the offset and never once did I feel uncomfortable. I was able to explore boundaries in complete respect and they were both so complimentary which made me feel even more amazing. The experience was incredibly empowering and I don’t think there could be two other ladies who are as genuine, friendly and yet professional as these two. It was a wonderful experience and I’d recommend anyone debating it to go for it! You will be well looked after. I wasn’t quite sure what to take with me so I took a massive stash. Both Alison and Julliette helped me choose outfits and adjusted straps/hair/anything else that needed it so discreetly and with complete respect. Which again, confirmed my trust in them that they were paying attention to such detail I would probably never even thought about. I was so nervous about the viewing session as I don’t think I’ve ever truly liked a picture of myself. I’m a massive critic and always focus on something I don’t like. I was more nervous about looking at the photos than I was taking my clothes off! But the images were absolutely stunning. I couldn’t believe it was me. Alison guided me through the poses with such natural warmth and honestly knows how to work lighting – I could never have guessed the images would turn out like they did. I would recommend Red Bow Boudoir Photography to anyone. I don’t know when, but I’m definitely going back. Thank you Red Bow for such amazing photos and for a wonderful, empowering experience

Stacey Bowditch

I had wanted to book this for months but was never quite brave enough, or confident with myself to go ahead. Then I saw a slot come up on Facebook and just took the plunge and booked it. I was so nervous not sure what to take, expect, etc. Then my welcome envelope arrived which made it all become “real” for me. I followed the advice offered and set off on the day not knowing what to expect. Upon entering and meeting Alison all my worries disappeared, she was warm and welcoming and made me feel like I had known her a life time. The studio is confortable and cosy, like someone’s house almost ! Then Juliette set about my makeup, again I was so unsure as no mirrors until it’s done! but it was unnecessary as it was beautiful. We then went up to the photography set which again was gorgeously decorated, both ladies made sure that every shot was perfect and made me feel totally relaxed and comfortable. Once finished I had lunch, a few glasses of bubbles but did started to wonder if I would buy any pictures as I don’t like myself in photos! ? Alison brought them in and I cried …. I couldn’t believe how I looked and how stunning my pictures were. I’m now getting ready for another shoot later on in the year. The whole experience was so great I could seriously do it monthly would recommend to anyone to have this done and it should be on every ladies bucket list

Diane Whitehead

Take the plunge, get it booked and don’t hesitate…you seriously wont regret it! This is by far one of the best things I’ve done. Alison and Juliette gave me such a warm welcome, easy to get along with and made me feel quite literally amazing! Gorgeous pictures, a real confidence boost and an all round good ‘me’ day xx

Fae Taylor

Let the Transformation begin!

Every Red Bow Boudoir Session includes professional hair and makeup. When you come in for your session, you’re going to just relax and let us do all the work!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Boudoir Sessions

I Want to Book a Shoot, but I am SO nervous!

Everyone is nervous! It is normal! But I know you will have a great time and the experience for many ladies is life changing.

When you see your gorgeous images, it will totally be worth it!

I have no idea how to pose, will you show me what to do?

I will absolutely show you how to pose and where to look, I even get into the poses! All you have to do is show up and have fun!

Is Hair and Makeup included?

Absolutley YES! Our in house makeup artist, Juliette, is a fully qualified professional and loves what she does. You will be amazed at how she will transform you into a beautiful goddess. When you book you will receive a questionnaire which will ask you about your skin and hair so that she can offer you the best advice on the day.

Will you post my photos online?

NO! Absolutely not. We do love to use our clients photos, of course, but we ALWAYS ask for written permission. If you do not want us to use them we won’t, but equally if you are happy for us to use them we most certainly will love to do so.

Do you photograph plus size ladies?

Oh my goodness!! Yes of course we do!! We photograph ladies of all size, shape and age, although you must be 18 and over. I love curves and so should you!